Here is what you need to know about choosing the best backpacking hammocks

If you are the kind of person who is interested in adventure and touring different destinations, you probably have considered getting yourself some of the best backpacking hammocks.

There are many options available and this is part of the challenge as many people are not able to differentiate the best from generic ones.

One of the things you might pursue in an effort to get the right hammocks is searching for ENO hammocks on sale online, and good thing is many sites offer them in plenty.

But before you place your order, here are few things you should know that will guide you while buying backpacking hammocks for different uses.


One of the things you should look into while searching for ENO hammocks on sale is weight.

To enjoy your outdoor adventures, you need to have a hammock that is light and easy to manage.

There is a wide range considering weight, and you can gen ultralight slings that are useful when you are packing for an adventure away from home.

The hammocks being light does not mean you will need to worry about quality because manufacturers factor in all these points while making these hammocks.


The other consideration you have to make is dimension.

Of course, our body sizes differ and that is why one needs to choose a hammock that perfectly accommodates us for comfort.

Generally, a wider hammock is more comfortable and this is especially so when you are looking at a sleeping hammock.

You might not need a lot of space for day-use hammocks, so this type can be small but big enough to accommodate you well.


Something else you want to look at is strength.

You don’t want to suffer the inconvenience where the hammock fails to carry your weight without snapping.

For this to be assured, you need to only buy from trusted manufacturers.

Quality is what matters and when you choose good hammocks that are made from quality material you are assured to have a peaceful experience.

Therefore, the next time you are searching for ENO hammocks on sale consider getting one from a trusted supplier with a warranty for the product.


As pointed earlier, there are hammocks for different times and venues.

Daytime hammocks are perfect for use during the day while on any adventure and they are designed to give you maximum comfort.

You could also increase the level of comfort by getting some aftermarket bug net and tarp, which will make it ideal for sleeping.

In this daytime category, you have many varieties including small and wide, so this depends on your taste.

The other category you might choose from is nighttime hammocks.

Backpackers who love camping will find these perfect for their activities.

However, hammock camping is a bit challenging and not many people have had the pleasure to try it once.

You need to do some trials before you get used, but it becomes fun after you have familiarized with the experience.

Make this winter unforgettable through snowshoeing on the best snowshoes ever

With winter being just around the corner, it is essential that you keep yourself ready for the cold weather and at the same time have fun.

Instead of locking yourselves up, watching holiday movies like home alone and just eating up anything that comes your way, you and your family can make this winter season different by snowshoeing.

It is the best way to keep fit during the cold weather and also comes with an added benefit of relieving boredom and enhances bonding between family members.

For those who have no idea what that is, snowshoeing is just walking on the snow through use of a footwear specifically designed for that purpose.

Snowshoes meet their goal through weight distribution over a large surface area causing a floating effect on the snow.

That way the wearer does not need to worry about sinking in the snow.

There are myriads of this footwear on the market especially now that winter is almost here, you will encounter many irresistible deals which may make it difficult for you to settle for the right ones.

That is why below is a list of the best snowshoes to help you choose nothing but the best and also to make your selection easier.

With winter being just around the corner, it is essential that you keep yourself ready for the cold weather and at the same time have fun.

Instead of locking yourselves up, watching holiday movies like home alone and just eating up anything that comes your way, you and your family can make this winter season different by snowshoeing.

It is the best way to keep fit during the cold weather and also comes with an added benefit of relieving boredom and enhances bonding between family members.

For those who have no idea what that is, snowshoeing is just walking on the snow through use of a footwear specifically designed for that purpose.

Snowshoes meet their goal through weight distribution over a large surface area causing a floating effect on the snow.

That way the wearer does not need to worry about sinking in the snow.

There are myriads of this footwear on the market especially now that winter is almost here, you will encounter many irresistible deals which may make it difficult for you to settle for the right ones.

That is why below is a list of the best snowshoes to help you choose nothing but the best and also to make your selection easier.

Atlas Treeline

This is one of the best snowshoes on the market currently.

It is multipurpose, and you can either hike, trek or backpack with it very comfortably.

To provide the wearers with utmost comfort, the Atlas Tree line uses a large heel crampon which is underneath the heel lift.

It is also lightweight with only 4.58 thus makes hiking, even more, more comfortable while at the same time offering the floatation effect.

It is made of steel and has wrapp lux binding.

They are easy to use and thanks to the steel material which the crampon is made of, you can be sure that they are durable.

Tubbs Flex VRT

From trekking, ski mountaineering, hiking, backpacking and even mountaineering itself you can never go wrong with this snow footwear.

It prides itself on exceptionally high rankings which add it to the list of best snowshoes in the market.

With an aluminum frame, it is very durable and cannot rust easily.

They have a great crampon which makes them perfect for people who adore deep snow hiking or hiking on steep icy slopes.

You can never go wrong with the Tubbs Flex VRT especially if you are the kind of person with problematic joints.

Reason being, its tail is designed in such a way that it is highly flexible and hence absorbs shocks efficiently ensuring that it relieves stress off your joints.

They use rotating dynamic fit bindings and are simply the ultimate multipurpose snowshoes.

MSR Lightning Ascent

Whenever snowshoeing experts decide to list their best snowshoes, then you can never miss the MSR Lightning ascent on the list.

They weigh only 4 lbs which make them perfect for backpacking or hiking on steep areas as they are lightweight.

They are easy to use and boast a 360 degrees traction frame and posilock bindings.

They have torsion crampons and also ergo televators which further make your snowshoeing experience even more fun.

They are readily available online, and you can quickly make a purchase from the company’s website or on Amazon.

Let’s go camping as a group with Coleman tents 10 person

There is nothing better than hitting the woods with a group of friends on a warm summer weekend.

It is a super great experience and you will be sure to have nothing, but fun.

Coleman tents 10 person in each!

This is a huge tent, but it is perfect for a group of people.

Pack up your bags hit the trail and pitch one huge tent.

Make sure you bring along a can of baked beans or five to feed the crowd.

Cook over an open pit and just enjoy kicking back in nature.

Remember to bring your card games along in case it is raining.

Coleman tents 10 person in one tent is a great bonding experience.

It is great for a men or women’s retreat or with the entire family.

It will have enough room for the dogs if you would like to bring them as well.

Camping is an enduring tradition that has kept up over the years and many look forward to it each and every year.

There are many accessories you can bring with for camping or you can keep it as simplistic as possible.

Just imagine taking walks by the lake in the morning, then cooking hash brown potato over the open pit.

Make sure you bring your fishing pole as a fish fry might be in order should your group catch enough fish over the vacation.

Don’t forget to bring your swim trunks to cool off on a hot summer day and your bug sprays for the mosquitoes that come out at night.

Above all make sure you bring along the greatest ghost story teller in the family to tell a tale.

Roast marshmallows over the fire at night and bring along the Hershey’s chocolate bars and graham crackers for everyone’s favorite, Smores.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all the great pictures.

Bring it along when you go for a hike in the woods and if you are super quiet you might be able to catch a picture of wildlife a flutter or a stomping.

Depending on where you are at be aware of your surroundings.

If there are bear, in the area make sure you are well versed in what to do should one approach you.

Make sure to keep all food wrapped up so that you don’t have to worry about racoons sneaking into your tent.

More importantly than anything, follow the rules of the campground, clean up after yourself and never start a forest fire.

Coleman tents 10 person will make your trip extremely comfortable because you will be protected from rain and other elements, wild animals as well.

You will have room for as many people as you can fit in a ten person tent.

It will be a blast.

A real heartwarming experience that you and the group you are with will remember for years to come.

If you enjoy the trip, you will be making it an annual event.

Most important enjoy yourself and have a great time, every time.

How to find the best portable water filter for your next trip

So, you want a water bottle that allows you to drink healthy, clean water on the go?

And you want only the best on the market today?

Try a portable water filter!

This post will discuss what portable water filtration is, who uses it and the best portable water filter on the market today.

What is portable water filtration and who uses the filters, you ask?

A water filter is a device that removes “impurities” from water, cleansing the water through a physical, biological or chemical process.

Why do you need a portable water filter? Well, it’s very handy in order to clean water for use in swimming pools, drinking water and proving water to plants and crops for irrigation on farms.

Portable water filtration is even more fascinating! If you need water to be cleaned on-the-go, you use a portable water filter.

Portable water filters remove pathogens (like protozoan cysts, bacteria and viruses) from outdoor water.

Some portable water filters also remove metals from the water.

Most people that use portable water filters are members of the military, hikers and campers and members of aid organizations.

These folks are not likely to have easy access to clean water, so they need to use the best portable water filter that they can in order to drink water and stay healthy in the process!

Portable water filters are usually small and lightweight, made for easy toting around.

The process is usually mechanical by a portable hand pump or siphon drip system.

Some water filters are built directly into water bottles, and these are by far the best portable water filters!

The best portable water filter is…

The best portable water filter is the Sawyer Products Complete Four Liter Filtration System.

It will throw you back between $180-$200, but this is a reasonable price compared to some other portable water filters! The Sawyer is the best portable water filter because of its price and its ability to filter water down to 0.1 microns, killing all pathogens including most viruses.

The Sawyer Filtration System uses a hollow fiber membrane for filtering.

It almost never requires a replacement filter, and filters a good sized amount of water – four liters of water – in only ten minutes!

The Sawyer Water Filtration System is the best portable water filter for other reasons! It is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty.

It also has two bags that will easily let you see where your dirty water is and where your clean water is.

The gray bag is marked “dirty,” and the blue bag is marked “clean”!

The Sawyer Water Filtration System is great for just one person or a whole group of people, you chose!

The biggest surprise about this best portable water filter?

The Sawyer cleans water to make it better and purer than most bottle water in the United States!

How about that for a portable water filter?

Eight best kid’s camping chairs for a great outdoor experience

Whether you are setting off on a family camping trip, or to a festival, we have found a range of best kid’s camping chairs to add comfort to your child’s camping experience.

It is from Coleman’s sturdy chair that comes with a table, or to the Sainsbury’s bright pink camping chairs.

1. Aviary Garden the Folding Chair

Pretty things and camping can rhyme, as this camping chair decorative with Ashley’s Aviary Garden print has proved it.

It has a cup holder and padded arms that look good both in the campsite and in the garden.

2. Blue Mountain High Back Folding Chair

Some of the kid’s camping chairs can feel exceptionally flimsy.

Not this camping chair, as its high above average back provides support for the festive-fatigued bodies.

Additionally, it includes a handy built-in drink holder allowing you to choose either royal blue or green.

3. Sainsbury’s Hot House Picnic Chair

Are you on a tight camping budget? Sainsbury’s friendly value pink camping chair is a great preference.

It might not have whistles and bells, but it adds color to the encampment and folds compactly.

4. Wilko the Folding Stool Tripod

This lightweight, solid kid’s camping stool comes with a handy lug case.

Though the seat is not huge, it works well for the sport-watching lovers during the summer or as a backup spot at the camp table.

5. Outwell Catamarca XL Chair

If you find some of the kid’s camping chairs in the market to be cramped and spindly, this has a wider seat than normal and can take up to twenty-three stones.

The super-sturdy aluminum and steel frame will ensure that you are well supported, additionally the camping chair is not too bulky for you to transport.

6. Easy Camp a Deluxe Reclining Chair

This seat can easily recline, you can lie down and rest, making it ideal for those moments you feel sitting up is too much effort for you.

The chair has been designed with a padded cushion that will keep your head and back supported.

At six kilograms, it is heavier than smaller camping chairs, but it can fold into a lug bag, making it occupy less space in the car.

7. Eurohike Kids Tiger Chair

Kids will adore these awesome animal-shaped folding camping stools with sturdy aluminum frame design.

We like this smiley hippo, but there is also a happy tiger in the range.

At only 1.2 kilograms, older children can carry their chair in its handy lug case.

8. Coleman Deck Chair with Table

Coleman is best known for the quality camping kits they make; also, their camping chairs are no exception.

It has padding on the armrest, seat and backrest, not forgetting the seat includes a side table with a drink holder.

At only 3.1 kilograms, it is not as heavy as one would expect.

Enjoying the great outdoors with your kids should not be rough.

Pick one of the best kid’s camping seats for your camper kid who values comfort.

How to buy the perfect beach chair with clamp on umbrella

Some people like to shop from one store to another before they go on vacation with their family.

By shopping around, people can purchase the things that they really like at a discounted price so that they can save a little money.

Fortunately, there is a lot of useful information online that can assist a buyer with making informed decisions.

Some of which involves the use of customer feedback, consumer reviews along with the pros and cons of making the choice.

So, before a shopper gets too far down the road with making their selections, it is important that they do their research first.

In specific, if an individual is looking to purchase a clamp on umbrella for beach chair, they will need to know what is available on the market.

Today, there are different styles of beach chairs with clamp umbrellas that the buyer can review in detail.

When reviewing these chairs in details, here’s some of the top considerations that should be factored in prior to making the purchase.

Choose the Best Materials – Wooden or Aluminum

Normally, a clamp on umbrella for beach chair is made of one of two materials and they are wood and aluminum.

Some people may have a preference of a specific type, while it may not matter for others.

Making the best decision is based on the information at hand, which is the main distinctions between each.

For instance, some people like the wooden beach chairs with an umbrella clamp because they are more durable.

So, they can expect that they are making a smart investment that will save them quite a bit of money in the long run.
In some cases, an individual may prefer to buy aluminum beach chairs.

Even though the durability is less, one of its greatest benefits is the weight.

Because these chair are lighter than the wooden chairs, they are better for transporting from one destination to another.

Choose the Best clamp on umbrella for beach chair Brands

When the buyer shops around, there are numerous things that they will consider.

The price is normally a big factor in making the final decision.

However, for people who want a beach chair that they really like for the design, quality and the style, they may want to look at the different brands.

Because the brands can vary in quality greatly, people may look at the top brands in the industry to find the best.

Consumer reviews can also assist with making distinctions as well, especially since they can help to determine if a brand does not meet minimum standards or if they exceed the standards that they are claiming.

Buying the best clamp on umbrella for beach chair does not have to be difficult since there is a lot of invaluable information online.

The information that an individual may find normally deals with the materials (wooden or aluminum) and the best brands available.

Therefore, when people do their research, they can make a decision that they will be pleased with when they are sitting out for long periods of time under a hot sun.

How to use a metal beach umbrella anchor correctly

When it comes to hanging out on a sunny seaside day, having a cool place to relax is essential for many beachgoers.

However, when wind picks up, then losing your umbrella to the gusts can be serious problem.

Safely securing your beach umbrella in the sand is one of the best ways to have a little peace of mind without having to deal with the risk of fly-aways.

Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that beachgoers can take if they want to ensure that they are using their metal beach umbrella anchor.

Go Durable or Portable

Some anchors are plastic and others are stainless steel.

This affects the longevity of this product.

You should opt for a more sturdy, stainless steel metal beach umbrella anchor with solid handles so that it will last through all of the repeated use.

However, opting for lightweight, portable options makes it easier to carry around.

Insert Your Anchor Beneath the Sand

Most anchors have screw shapes as well as handles, which makes it easy to screw into the sand.

However, some offer platforms that are large enough for a foot so that you can use your body weight to push the metal beach umbrella anchor into the sand.

Closely follow all of the instructions and ask a friend for help when twisting the anchor into the beach.

Insert it as far up to its top rim as possible for the ultimate amount of security.

If the sand feels loose and your anchor easily moves around, try to find a damper spot.

Slide Your Umbrella Down Into the Anchor

If your metal beach umbrella anchor is not equipped with an umbrella, make sure to choose one that is durable and hefty so that it can block the wind easily.

Do not choose one that is too heavy as it will be hard to keep it in place.

When inserting the umbrella into your anchor, place the pole base into the hole at the very tip of the anchor.

Have someone hold your anchor steady, and then secure it in place.

Some anchors will require screws or locks that assist with the tightening process.

Tilting your umbrella towards the wind will prevent the wind from pulling it from the ground.

Using Weights Or Building a Mound

The final step in securing your beach umbrella is to build mounds of sand around the base for a little extra security.

On very windy days, placing weights or even heavy objects like the coolers that hold your drinks around the base will help to ensure that it is not pulled from the sand.

Pouring bucket of water around your mound will also help to firm up the sand around your base and keeps it extremely secure.

Using a metal beach umbrella anchor does not have to be difficult or tedious.

However, it does take a lot of patience.

At the end of the day, properly securing your anchor will ensure the safety of everyone on the beach–both near and far.

Buying the best armless camp chair doesn’t have to be complicated

Not everyone is going to want a camp chair that has great armrests.

In fact, some people are going to prefer camp chairs that let them have their arms completely free.

Many of the portable camp chairs that people are going to be able to find aren’t going to have any arms, and with good reason.

The armless quality of these chairs is going to make them that much more portable.

When it comes to camping chairs, campers should try to prioritize portability above all else.

People are going to be going uphill with all of these supplies for an extended period of time.

They’re going to need to make sure that they don’t overexert themselves just in the act of trying to cart up all of their tools.

Naturally, people are partly doing this in order to get a lot of exercise in the first place.

However, there is a fine line between exercise that is overly dramatic and too challenging, and exercise that is perfect in terms of the exertion that people can expect.

Choosing the best armless camp chair can help people split the difference, allowing them to have the best possible camping trips.

There are other characteristics that people should prioritize when it comes to choosing the best armless camp chair.

For one thing, this is an area in which it makes far more sense to prioritize cost effectiveness over luxury or anything of the kind.

Some people try to get the fanciest equipment possible when it comes to almost anything, whether they’re going on a camping trip or building a shed in the backyard.

When building a shed, it is genuinely a good idea to get the best equipment possible, since the people in question are going to be looking at that shed for years to come.

When getting an armless camp chair, it makes more sense to choose a model that is fairly inexpensive, since camp chairs aren’t going to have all that much longevity.

They’re going to be subjected to a great deal of wear and tear as a result of all of the elements during camping.

The majority of these camp chairs are going to get terribly dirty, which is just going to make people want to purchase new ones in time for the next great camping trip anyway.

Camping chairs are not entirely disposable items, but they are going to be the sorts of items that shouldn’t be regarded as investments.

The really important thing is whether or not the chair in question is going to be able to provide people with the right amount of support as they use it during their camping trips.

People rely on their camp chairs for the sake of relaxation after a very busy day of camping, and it is that much more important for people to choose chairs that are going to provide that release.

Other than that, people don’t have to worry about selection as much.

What you need to know as you train to increase your vertical jump

With regards to learning how to increase vertical jump, many athletes think that it all trickles down to working on technique and strength.

This is true, but it is only a portion of the formula for getting to know how to increase vertical jump.

Why would people want to go through this trouble? Below are the possible reasons:

  • They want to make it easier to attain slam dunks
  • To block shots that they could not possibly achieve before so they find ways how to increase vertical lift
  • They want to create their own great moves

When athletes are learning how to increase vertical leap they are often bombarded with pages of information that results in a brain overload!

When we are trying to learn something new often we try to find out all the information as we can about the subject.

In this case we would go out and try to find out all details we can about how to increase our vertical jump.

When it comes to learning how your body works when you jump, what muscle areas and energy you need to increase for you to jump high, many athletes get confused from conflicting information.

When it comes to working out, one of the important factors is to have good nutrition.

During training, your body is using carbohydrates and proteins to fuel itself.

But what happens once it runs out of these fuels?

It starts to break down your muscles and use them as an energy source.

This is why it is important to have a balanced, nutritional and healthy diet to prevent you from losing muscle power instead of gaining it.

Do hereditary factors play a role? Yes some people are just naturally gifted jumpers because of their fast twitch muscle fiber to slow twitch muscle fiber ratio.

The faster twitch muscle fibers you have the more efficiently you are able to create force in a minimal amount of time.

However, when it comes to this ratio you may not be able to change the fibers.

However, you can change how quickly to recruit the generate power and also how much force they can generate.

So realistically, if you think about hereditary factors, it does not play a major role in how high a person can jump.

Another factor that many athletes don’t know about when learning how to increase vertical jump is that there are different types of strength that affect how well you can recruit muscles to generate force to jump.

When learning how to increase vertical jump we can split strength into 3 sub categories of absolute/limit strength, explosive strength and reactive strength.

Absolute/limit strength is the foundation of all strength and is often the one that needs to be improved first before any of the other strengths.

When we are learning how to increase vertical jump we need to focus on doing minimal reps with maximum effort because we are trying to train our explosive muscle, not our endurance muscles.

Try out these tips on how to increase vertical jump and you will notice positive results in a matter of time.

Clearance beach chairs feature choices

There are many different types of items that people normally buy when they are going to the beach with their family and friends.

Some of the more notable includes beach wear, shoes, hats, towels, umbrellas and beach chairs that they can sit in the sun and relax.

Choosing the right type of items to take to the beach can make a significant difference in how comfortable to the person will be when they get to their destinations.

One item that most people pay special attention to today is the type of beach chair that they take with them and their families.

Since the prices can vary greatly from one retail store or various sites online to another, most people like to shop around to find the best deals that’s available on the market today.

Before going to the shopping center, however, one of the first things that people normally do is look online to see how they should make their selection.

In fact, their main goal is to find the perfect clearance beach chairs for the adults and the children.

With this being said, here’s a few basic things that can be considered.

1. Size of the clearance beach chairs

Size is a significant consideration when making a choice because people want to be comfortable wherever they go.

So, when a family member is looking for a beach chair for an adult, the sizes will vary greatly from those that fit small children and the like.

The same is true for people who are petite and those that may be a plus size.

So, this is an essential factor in making the right selection before the buyer makes their choices.

Also, if the individual is considered to be tall, the actual length of the chair will make a different in the types of purchases made.

2. Strong, Sturdy and Dependable clearance beach chairs

Another important factor in choosing the best chair for an individual is to make sure the chair is strong, sturdy and dependable.

For instance, when the chair is taken to sandy areas on the beach, it should be reliable enough to settle in the sand without giving away or swaying back and forth unevenly.

This means the beach chair must be made of quality made materials that will stand up under the heat of the sun and the exposure to wet weather.

3. Light for Travel and clearance beach chairs

Light for travel is also a requirement for clearance beach chairs for kids and adults.

Since these chairs are meant to be carried around from one area of a beach to another, no one should have problems picking it up or moving it wherever they want to go on the beach.

In some cases, the traveling time may be more than a few minutes so people should make sure that it is not too heavy to carry on long distances.

Fortunately, most of these beach chairs can be made with different materials so its best to find the lightest materials used when make the best informed decisions.