What to consider while buying the best propane grill

The backyard barbeque grill is a common feature in most American homes.

The success of great meals depends on the food selection and preparation but using the best propane grill brings out the best of the meals.

It does not matter if you are first time buyer or a seasoned grill chef; you need to pay attention when purchasing a new propane grill.

The best propane grill fits every cooking style.

The grills come in different models ranging from the portable ones to the large camping grills.

What are some of the factors one should consider while shopping for the best propane grill?


It is important to ensure the safety of the chef and others present while using the grill.

Pay special attention to the structural considerations of the grill.

Be on the lookout for sharp corners and edges.

The handles should firm and well-secured.

Also, ensure that your knuckles and fingers are not too close to the heat.

The distance between the burners and the grates should be wide enough to give room for flame flare-ups.

Think beyond the burgers

Invest in a propane grill that does more than grilling burgers and hot dogs.

You can grill your sizzling steaks and fish.

A versatile grill has a high-temperature range score that cooks a wide array of foods.


Burners are the most replaced part of the grill.

Buy a grill whose burners have a warranty and should last longer than the basic steel burners.

Also, the burners should emit intense heat the sear and cook the food,

How much heat is released?

The thermal units per hour determine how much heat the grill uses and the heat created.

However, a higher thermal unit per hour does not always translate to better cooking or faster preheating.


Several accessories come with the thrill of owning a grill.

Some of them include a pizza pan or grilling basket.

Size of the grill

How much space do you want the grill to occupy? How much food are you planning to grill in one setting?

The best propane grill has some racks and searing grills which allow various meals or large portions of meals to cook at once.

Before purchasing a grill, determine how much space you want it to occupy.

Also, determine if you want a stationary or portable cooking grill.

The portable grills are ideal for smaller decks, patios, and camping trips.

There are small and non-portable propane grills which save space are best suited for a small cookout.

They have fold-down shelves that decrease the footprint of the grill leaving the side burners out.

The medium-sized and large grills occupy a large area and have advanced features such as extra storage space and more burners.


The materials used to make the grill play a major role in the durability of the cooker.

Ensure you get a cooker with quality parts.

Also, take care of your grill so that it can last for long.

Rust and other forms of negligence will cause the grill to fall apart.